August 2022 Newsletter

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August 2022 Newsletter

August is dental month!

Here are the topics that we cover this month:

  • [Page 1-2] August is dental month!
  • [Page 3] August dental special
  • [Page 4-6] Dental products
  • [Page 7] Our Spa Days with Dena are quite PUP-ular!
  • [Page 8-9]Going out of town? Let your pets stay with FVC!
  • [Page 9-10] VERY IMPORTANT – PetDesk
  • [Page 11-12] Parasite prevention products
  • [Page 13] Flanary Vet Cookie Sheet
  • [Page 14-17] For Polly- Who is loved dearly and will be greatly missed!
  • [Page 18-22] Who’s Who at the Vet Clinic!

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August Newsletter

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