COVID-19 Policies & Updates

The Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners has released that they are lifting some of the COVID-19 restrictions. I know several of our clients will be excited about this lift which allows us to have clients back in the building. When COVID first started, I was terrified of how it would affect my staff’s jobs and my business. Surprisingly, COVID caused a boom in veterinary medicine- as owners spent more time with their pets. Not to mention the stimulus checks helped too! In the last year, I have been able to add 6 new positions to our already amazing staff, in order to better serve our clients and provide the best medical care for our patients.

I am very grateful with the understanding our clients have extended to us in the past year as we adapted to the new COVID protocols of veterinary medicine. I feel like we had some hiccups along the way, but overall, we have been very efficient and successful in rocking curbside service.

With that being said, SEVERAL of you have expressed to me that you LOVE curbside service. It has allowed check in & out of your pet to be done quickly & more efficiently as well as utilizing our drop off services so you can run errands and utilize YOUR time while we care for your pet. Since I am the only veterinarian at this clinic, curbside service has been the most efficient and best way I am able to see and care for ALL my clients & patients that I care so much about and allowed me to employ a larger work force. Therefore, to be able to best serve & care for your pet I will continue to provide curbside service. However, if you wish to come into the building, we will gladly accommodate you. We ask that when making your appointment please let us know if you would like to come in with your pet.

I truly understand in some situations you want to talk to me face to face, especially if making difficult decisions about your pet. However, there is only one of me! With being the only doctor, I often work 10–11-hour days, through lunch to accommodate my clients and patients. I want to take this time though to let you in a secret. Kayla Ferrell will be joining FVC as a veterinarian in May of 2022 when she graduates Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine! Kayla has worked with me for several years and I am THRILLED to welcome her back home. She is a highly intelligent individual, with a sparkling personality and a compassionate soul. I am honored to have her work beside me.

For now, I ask that my amazing clients understand and help me get through the next 12 months until Kayla gets here! I will continue to work hard and provide the best veterinary care I can for my patients while meeting the needs of my clients through a combination of curbside & in-clinic services. Please bear with us through this transition. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to bring them to by attention immediately.

We care about YOU and YOUR pets!

Hours & Emergencies

During this pandemic, we have reduced our clinic hours to the following:

Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM

Saturday: 8AM-12PM

We always have a Veterinarian on call for emergencies. If you have an emergency please call 270-898-9738 to be put in touch with a vet on call.

Curbside Service & Care

  1. Wait for someone to come check you in or call if you do not see someone on the porch.
  2. Park BY THE BUILDING if you are picking up meds, dropping off your pet or picking up your pet. You will see the 3 signs by the building.
  3. Park towards the daycare (AWAY FROM THE BUILDING) if you have an appointment with your pet.