June 2022 Newsletter

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June 2022 Newsletter

Let’s talk about cats! Everyone has heard the comment….Cats own us; we do not own them.

Here are the topics that we cover this month:

  • [Page 1-5] Cat Facts
  • [Page 5-6] FVC Spa and Boarding
  • [Page 7] Flanary Vet Cookie Sheet
  • [Page 8-9] The Flanary Vet Clinic Carnival
  • [Page 10] Learn about our app PetDesk
  • [Page 11-12] Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention for Cats and Dogs
  • [Page 13] In Clinic and Curbside Appointments Available Now!
  • [Page 14-15] Team Recognition and Welcoming New Members

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June Newsletter

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